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Black, Robert, Stalinism in Britain, hardback 5.00, paperback 3.50 out of print

Dragstedt, A and Slaughter, Cliff: State, Power and Bureaucracy, 978-0-902030-83-3 135pp. 5.95 out of print

Dubrovskii, Oleg with Simon Pirani: Fighting Back in Ukraine, 978-1-871518-17-7 67pp. 2.50 

Eastman, Max: The Young Trotsky, 978-0-902030-92-3 104pp. 3.95 

Engels, Frederick and Karl Marx: Letters on `Capital', 978-0-861510-07-8 316pp. out of print

Flanagan, Susan: After Effects, 978-1-871518-27-6 36pp. 5 out of print

Fryer, Peter: Hungarian Tragedy and other writings on the 1956 Hungarian revolution, 978-1-871518-14-6 192pp. 11.99 

Fryer, Peter: Aspects of British Black History, 978-1-871518-04-7 56pp. 5.99 reprint under consideration

Fryer, Peter: Politics of Windrush, 978-1-871518-24-5 56pp. 6.99

Fryer, Peter: Lucid, Vigorous and Brief: advice to new writers, 978-1-871518-23-8 86pp. 4.99

Harding, Norman: Staying Red, 1-871518-25-3, 300 pp. 12.99 out of print

Hippe, Oskar: . . . and Red is the Colour of our Flag, 1-871518-02-4 305pp. 9.95 

Hunter, Bill: Lifelong Apprenticeship, 978-1-871518-13-9 440pp. 10.00

Hunter, Bill: They Knew Why They Fought: Unofficial struggles and leadership on the Docks 1945-1989, 978-1-871518-09-2 141pp. 7.95 

Ilyenkov, E.V.: Leninist Dialectics and the Metaphysics of Positivism, 978-0-861510-26-9 174pp. out of print

Ilyin-Zhenevsky, A.F.: The Bolsheviks in Power, 978-0-861510-11-5 164pp. out of print

Joffe, Maria: One Long Night, (hardback) 978-0-902030-93-0 247pp. 5.99 out of print

Kemp, Tom: Karl Marx's `Capital' Today, 978-0-86151-027-6 199pp. 5.95 out of print

Kemp, Tom: Stalinism in France Volume 1, 978-0-86151-040-5 200pp. 5.95 out of print

Kemp, Tom: Trotskyism: the Marxism of Today, pamphlet, 1.50 out of print

Lafargue, Paul: The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilisation, 978-0-902030-69-5 210pp. 4.95 

McCormack, John: Polmaise: the fight for a pit, 978-1-871518-01-6 99pp. out of print

Marx, Karl and Frederick Engels: Letters on `Capital', 978-0-86151-007-8 316pp. out of print

Marx, Karl: Mathematical Manuscripts, (hardback), 978-0-86151-000-9 336pp. out of print

Mehring, Franz: On Historical Materialism, 978-0-902030-76-3 64pp. 2.95 out of print

Mehring, Franz: Absolutism and Revolution in Germany, 978-0-902030-75-6 288pp. 4.95 out of print

Myers, Bob, ed.: Revolutionary Times, Revolutionary Lives South Africa Series No. 1, 978-1-871518-19-1 117pp. 4.99

Myers, Bob, ed.: Is This Really What We Fought For? White rule ends, black poverty continues South Africa Series No. 2, 978-1-871518-20-7 104pp. 4.99 

Pirani, Simon with Oleg Dubrovskii Fighting Back in Ukraine, 978--871518-17-7 67pp. 2.50

Preobrazhensky, E.A.: From NEP to Socialism, 978-0-902030-43- 116pp. 4.95 

Raskolnikov, F.F.: Kronstadt and Petrograd in 1917, 978-0-86151-023-8 368pp.7.95 out of print

Raskolnikov, F.F.: Tales of Sub-Lt Ilyin, 978-0-86151-025-2 208pp. 6.95  out of print

Robinson, John: The Failure of Psychiatry: A Marxist critique, Robinson, John: 978-1-871518-16-0 82pp. 

Robinson, John: The Individual and Society: A Marxist approach to human psychology, 978-1-871518-06-1 pp.211 11.99 out of print

Russian SDLP: 1903: Second Congress of the Russian SDLP Translated by Brian Pearce 978-0-902030-94-7 538pp. 7.95 out of print

Sedov, Leon: The Red Book, 978-0-86151-015-3 120pp. 3.95 

Shachtman. Max: The First Ten Years 1923-1933: History and Principles of the Left Opposition, 978-0-902030-64-0 60pp. 1.95 out of print

Slaughter, Cliff: A New Party for Socialism: why? how? when? by whom? on what programme? 978-1-871518-15-3 100pp. 2.00 

Slaughter, Cliff: Marxism and the Class Struggle, 978-0-902030-74-9 166pp. out of print

Slaughter, Cliff: Not Without A Storm: Towards a communist manifesto for the age of globalisation, 978-1-871518-26-9 14.99 out of print

Smith, Cyril: Communist Society and Marxist Theory, 978-1-871518-00-9 109pp. 4.95 

Tchernomordik, S.: The Bolsheviks under Illegality, 978-0-86151-031-3 40pp. 

Trotsky, Leon: Collected Writings and Speeches on Britain

Volume 1: 978-0-902030-60-2 236pp. 4.95 out of print

Volume 2: 978-0-902030-61-9 320pp. 4.95 out of print

Volume 3: 978-0-902030-62-6 256pp. 4.95 out of print

Set of 3: 12.00 978-0-902030-67-1out of print

Trotsky, Leon: The First Five Years of the Communist International, Translated by John G. Wright.

Volume 1: 978-0-902030-37-4 424pp. 6.95 out of print

Volume 2: 978-0-902030-52-7 384pp. 6.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: How The Revolution Armed: Military Writings and Speeches of 

Volume 1: 1918, the founding of the Red Army 978-0-86151-005-4 592pp. hardback 15.00 out of print

Volume 2: 1919, the hardest year of fighting 978-0-86151-012-2 684pp. 15.00 out of print

Volume 3: 1920, year of the Polish war 978-0-86151-014-6 440pp. 15.00 out of print

Volume 4: 1921-1923, the Red Army on a peace footing 978-0-86151-020-7 488pp. 15.00 out of print

Volume 5: 1921-1923, Marxism and military affairs 978-0-86151-021-4 448pp. 15.00 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: In Defence of Marxism, 978-0-902030-18-3 263pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Political Profiles, 978-0-902030-35-0 171pp. 4.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Problems of the Chinese Revolution (hardback) 978-0-902030-14-5 354pp. 5.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Social Democracy and the Wars of Intervention, 978-0-902030-70-1 128pp. 3.95

Trotsky, Leon: Stalin's Gangsters, 978-0-902030-91-6 84pp. 3.95 

Trotsky, Leon: The Stalin School of Falsification , 978-0-902030-46-6 264pp. 5.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Terrorism and Communism, 978-0-902030-71-8 208pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: The Third International after Lenin, 978-0-902030-49-7 304pp. 5.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Towards Socialism or Capitalism?, 978-0-902030-85-5 121pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Whither France?, 978-0-902030-53-4 240pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International: The Transitional Programme, the founding programme of the Fourth International, 0-902715-19-4 63pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter, 978-0-86151-032-0 48pp. 1.50 

Trotsky, Leon: May Day in the West and East, 978-0-902030-39-8 24pp. 0.50 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Perspectives and Tasks in the East, 978-0-902030-38-1 16pp. 0.50 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: The Position of the Republic and the Tasks of Young Workers, 0-902715-11-9 24pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Radio, Science, Technique and Society, 978-0-902030-59-6 20pp. 0.50 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Report of the Siberian Delegation, 978-0-86151-010-8 48pp. out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Tasks Before the Twelfth Congress of the Russian Communist Party, 978-0-902030-66-4 64pp. 1.95 out of print

Trotsky, Leon: Young People, Study Politics!, 0-902030-65-5 24pp. out of print 

Ngo Van, Revolutionaries They Could Not Break: The Fight for the Fourth International in Indochina 1930-1945, 978-1-871518-07-8 234pp. 11.99 

Vereeken, Georges: The GPU in the Trotskyist Movement, 978-0-902030-84-8 390pp. out of print

Wollenberg, Erich: The Red Army, 978-0-902030-96-1 283pp. out of print

Zinoviev, G.: The History of the Bolshevik Party, 978-0-902030-44-2 124pp. out of print

Zinoviev, G.: Lenin, 0-902715-20-8 48pp. 0.50 out of print


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