Index Books, socialist publisher

  Index Bookcentre, Brixton, closed in 2005

Index Bookcentre closed on 3 October 2005

We thank all our customers for support and friendship over our 17 years as part of the Brixton community. 
In spite of your support, it became increasingly difficult to maintain an independent community
bookshop such as ours.

We can still supply titles published by Index Books and some titles originally published by New Park Publications. 

Highlights we have in stock include Peter Fryer's 'Politics of Windrush' and 'Hungarian Tragedy', Vietnamese Trotskyist Ngo Van's history of
Trotskyism in Indochina: 'Revolutionaries They Could Not Break', and writings by Trotsky. The full list is on our web page at

Mick Daly (Manager) and all the staff
Index Bookcentre

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