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Evolution of Property coverAbsolutism and Revolution in Germany 
Franz Mehring
A materialist examination of Prussian absolutism and feudalism in Germany from the time of Luther to the nineteenth century. 
978-0-902030-75-6 288pp. 4.95

The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilisation 
Paul Lafargue
A materialist approach to the study of early society and of religious beliefs. 
978-0-902030-69-5 210pp. 4.95 

Karl Marx's `Capital' Today 
Tom Kemp 
Encourages a study of Marx's Capital in the light of post-war economic problems. The late Tom Kemp wrote extensively on economic history and the world economy.
978-0-86151-027-6 199pp. 5.95

Leninist Dialectics and the Metaphysics of Positivism 
E.V. Ilyenkov 
Develops Lenin's struggle against positivism in a concise, accessible philosophical text.
978-0-86151-026-9 174pp. 3.95

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