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Staying Red: Norman Harding's life in the Trotskyist movementStaying Red: why I remain a socialist

Norman Harding

Norman Harding explains his evolution as a Trotskyist, standing up for socialism against the betrayals of Stalinism. In 1985 he had no hesitation in standing against corruption and abuse in the heart of the party to which he had given the best years of his life. His account is the only one written by a participant in the explosion that expelled Party leader Gerry Healy from the Workers Revolutionary Party. What little there is on the internet and elsewhere in print is inaccurate and fails to grasp both what the party achieved and how its members dealt with the corruption.

300 pp  978-1-871518-25-2
out of print

Is This Really What We Fought For?Revolutionary Times, Revolutionary Lives

South Africa Series No.1
edited by Bob Myers

Participants in the struggles in South Africa tell their stories, particularly their experiences of coming into conflict with the leaderships of the ANC and SWAPO.

117pp 978-1-871518-19-1
price 4.99


Is This Really What We Fought for? White rule ends, black poverty continues

South Africa Series No.2
edited by Bob Myers

Today, as opposition builds to the ANC government, this collection of pamphlets and articles by members of the Workers International in South Africa shows the development of their criticisms of the ANC and their call for a socialist alternative before, during and after the Mandela government came into office.

104pp 978-1-871518-20-7
price 4.99

A New Party for Socialism: why? how? when? by whom? on what programme?

Cliff Slaughter

Begins by raising questions about the Labour Party and discusses the need for an international, socialist party of the working class, not one preached or imposed by the 'left' groups.

100pp 978-1-871518-15-3
price 2.00

Communist Society and Marxist TheoryCommunist Society and Marxist Theory

Cyril Smith

In this controversial defence of Marx's idea of communism as a 'truly human society', the author of Marx at the Millennium takes issue with academics who have tried to compartmentalise Marx as an economist, a sociologist or a philosopher.

1097pp 978-1-871518-00-9
price 4.95

Cliff Slaughter: refounding socialist internationalism:Not without a Storm
Towards a communist manifesto for the age of globalisation

Cliff Slaughter

Marxist theorist Cliff Slaughter presents 'work in progress' towards refounding communist ideas in the 21st century.

out of print

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