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Collected Writings and Speeches on Britain

Volume 1: British history and culture. The decline of British imperialism. The British labour movement. 
978-0-902030-60-2 236pp price 4.95 out of print

Volume 2: Where is Britain going? Problems of the British labour movement. Lessons of the General Strike. 
978-0-902030-61-9 320pp price 4.95 out of print

Military Writings of Leon Trotsky: Writings and Speeches on How the Revolution ArmedVolume 3: From world slump to world war. Trotskyism versus centrism in Britain. British imperialism and national liberation struggles. 
978-0-902030-62-6 256pp price 4.95  out of print
Set of 3: 978-0-902030-67-1 price 12.00 out of print

The First Five Years of the Communist International
Guiding the work of the first four Congresses of the Communist International. Translated by John G. Wright. 

Volume 1:
978-0-902030-37-4 424pp. 6.95 out of print
Volume 2: 978-0-902030-52-7 384pp. 6.95 out of print

How The Revolution Armed: Military Writings and speeches of Leon Trotsky

Volume 1: 1918, the founding of the Red Army
978-0-86151-005-4 592pp. 15.00  out of print
Volume 2: 1919, the hardest year of fighting 
978-0-86151-012-2 684pp. out of print
Volume 3: 1920, year of the Polish war
978-0-86151-014-6 440pp. out of print
Volume 4: 1921-1923, the Red Army on a peace footing
978-0-86151-020-7 488pp. out of print
Volume 5: 1921-1923, Marxism and military affairs
978-0-86151-021-4 448pp. 15.00 out of print
Set of 5: 978-0-86151-003-0 out of print

In Defence of Marxism
Trotsky's classic analysis of the Soviet state and his arguments with members of the US Socialist Workers' Party on the eve of the second world war. 
978-0-902030-18-3 263pp. out of print

Political Profiles by Leon TrotskyPolitical Profiles
Trotsky's pen-portraits of Plekhanov, Kautsky, Liebknecht, Luxemburg and others.
978-0-902030-35-0 171pp. 4.95 out of print

Problems of the Chinese Revolution
Writings and speeches from 1925-27, showing the fatal consequences of Stalin's
Hardback: 978-0-902030-14-5 354pp. 5.95 out of print

Social Democracy and the Wars of Intervention
The civil war in the Caucasus, and how British imperialism and social democracy attacked the Russian revolution. 
978-0-902030-70-1 128pp. 3.95 

Stalin's Gangsters
How the GPU attacked Trotsky in the months before his assassination. 978-0-902030-91-6 84pp. 3.95 

The Stalin School of Falsification 
Refutes Stalinism's lying attempts to rewrite the history of Bolshevism.
978-0-902030-46-6 264pp. 5.95 out of print

Stalin School of Falsification: Leon TrotskyTerrorism and Communism 
Trotsky's defence of Bolshevism against Karl Kautsky.
978-0-902030-71-8 208pp. out of print

The Third International after Lenin
Trotsky's battle against Stalin's idea of socialism in one country. 
978-0-902030-49-7 304pp. 5.95 out of print

Towards Socialism or Capitalism? 
The economic problems of Soviet Russia in 1925. 
978-0-902030-85-5 121pp. out of print

Whither France?
Opposing the Communist Party's Popular Frontism in France, 1934-36. 
978-0-902030-53-4 240pp. out of print

Pamphlets by Leon Trotsky

The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International: 
The Transitional Programme, the founding programme of the Fourth International, written by Trotsky in 1938. 
0-902715-19-4 63pp. out of print

Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter
Tribute to Trotsky's son, a leader of the Fourth International, murdered in 1938. 
978-0-86151-032-0 48pp. 1.50 

May Day in the West and East: Leon TrotskyMay Day in the West and East 
978-0-902030-39-8 24pp. 0.50 out of print

Perspectives and Tasks in the East 
978-0-902030-38-1 16pp. 0.50 out of print

The Position of the Republic and the Tasks of Young Workers 
0-902715-11-9 24pp. out of print

Radio, Science, Technique and Society 
978-0-902030-59-6 20pp. 0.50 out of print

Report of the Siberian Delegation 
Trotsky's account of the 1903 split between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.
978-0-86151-010-8 48pp. out of print

Tasks Before the Twelfth Congress of the Russian Communist Party
Trotsky assesses the situation in 1923. 
978-0-902030-66-4 64pp. 1.95 out of print

Young People, Study Politics!
Includes an article on anti-religious propaganda. 
978-0-902030-65-7 24pp. out of print

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