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Every one of these books is written by a leader who writes not as an eye-witness, but as an active participant and leading fighter for a socialist perspective and the emancipation of the working class. These books include accounts of struggles in Vietnam before and during the second world war, in Hungary, and in Britain.

And Red is the Colour of our Flag by Oskar Hippe. . . and Red is the Colour of our Flag 
Oskar Hippe
The life of a Trotskyist in Nazi Germany. 
978-1-871518-02-3 305pp. 9.95 

Aspects of British Black History
Peter Fryer
In a few short chapters, black people's contribution to British history is outlined. 
978-1-871518-04-70 56pp. 5.99

Peter Fryer's book The Politics of Windrush was reprinted in 2018.

FIghting Back in Ukraine:A worker who took on the bureaucrats and bosses 
Oleg Dubrovskii with Simon Pirani 
An important source for understanding the break-up of the former Soviet union and the role of workers' organisations and struggles, by a trade union leader.
978-1-871518-17-7 67pp. 2.50 

Hungarian TragedyHungarian Tragedy and other writings on the 1956 Hungarian revolution
Peter Fryer 
New edition of Peter Fryer's classic account of the armed confrontation between the Hungarian people and the Stalinist regime in 1956. Peter Fryer wrote this account soon after the events of 1956, and after the refusal of the Communist Party newspaper, which had sent him to Hungary, to publish his reports. This edition is expanded to include Fryer's other writings of the period which show how the shock waves affected the Communist Party in Britain. 
978-1-871518-14-6 192pp. 11.99 

Lifelong Apprenticeship:The life and times of a revolutionary, Volume 1, 1920-1959
Bill Hunter 
A document of social history in which Hunter describes growing up in a miner's family in the Durham coalfield before the war, and how he became a leader of the Trotskyist movement in the 1940s and 1950s.
original edition 978-1-871518-13-9 440pp. 10.00

Polmaise: the fight for a pit 
John McCormack 
The fullest account of the 1984-85 miners' strike in Scotland by a militant pit deputy from Stirlingshire. Essential reading on postwar British labour history.
978-1-871518-01-6 99pp. out of print

Revolutionaries they could not break: Indochina 1930-1945 by Ngo VanRevolutionaries They Could Not Break: The Fight for the Fourth International in Indochina 1930-1945
A remarkably modest work by a veteran Vietnamese Trotskyist
Ngo Van 
978--871518-07-8 234pp. 11.99

Staying Red: why I remain a socialist
Norman Harding's evolution as a Trotskyist, standing up for socialism against the betrayals of Stalinism. In 1985 he had no hesitation in standing against corruption and abuse in the heart of the party to which he had given the best years of his life. His account is the only one written by a participant in the explosion that expelled Party leader Gerry Healy from the Workers Revolutionary Party. What little there is on the internet and elsewhere in print is inaccurate and fails to grasp both what the party achieved and how its members dealt with the corruption.
Norman Harding

978-1-871518-25-3 300pp. 12.99 out of print

They Knew Why They Fought: Unofficial struggles and leadership on the docks 1945-1989 
Bill Hunter
This is a passionate book, full of lively anecdotes as it seeks to explain the struggle for a fighting union leadership in one of the hardest industries in postwar Britain. 
978-1-871518-09-2 141pp. 7.99 

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